We can source cables for meeting the most demanding specifications, and we are expertise in cable laying, splicing, Termination and testing, 80% percent of the world's long-distance voice and data traffic is carried over optical-fiber cables. Its applications Telecommunications applications of fiber-optic cable are widespread, ranging from global networks to desktop computers.

Any structured cabling system is the life blood of every business network, providing connectivity between servers, computers, and other network devices and allowing both voice and data to be sent worldwide. But when it comes to data cabling, there are different ways available to carry the data, transferring it. Traditionally, twisted pair copper cable has been and is still currently used as the most common form of structured data cabling, transmitting data through copper wires. As technology continues to advance, and the demand for faster, more advanced methods of networking grows, fiber optic cabling is quickly on its way to becoming the next generation standard in data cabling.

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