ANPR Parking Access System - Bahrain

ANPR Parking Access System - Bahrain
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ANPR Parking Access control System Bahrain, Kuwait,Saudi number plates (Hotels, Compounds, private parking areas)

ANPR camera system in bahrain is installed at a premise where only authorized cars are granted access to the premises.

  • As the vehicle approaches the access control boom barrier,sliding gate, the vehicle is authenticated via its number plate.
    The number plate is then be compared against a recorded list of authorised vehicles
  • If there is a match against a recorded list then the boom barrier is automatically lifted and hence the vehicle will be granted access.
  • If the number plate fails authentication against the recorded list then the vehicle does not get the access, In such a case the number plate of that vehicle can be registered and then be allowed to enter
    following authentication via security individual
  • We also offer customized anpr software solutions according to customer needs in bahrai

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